His new job

Mr Conan, the senior partner of Conan and Connelly, the well-known scholastic agency, was a large, gregarious fellow with a bulbous nose and several chins that wobbled each time he moved his head. His fleshy jowls trembled as he clutched his fountain pen and held it over a lined secretarial pad. “Your name, sir.” I … Continue reading His new job

The Crammer College

SCENE. The principal’s office at Brocklehurst College, a “crammer” for young men who have failed their A-level school examinations. Five assorted eighteen-year-old boys are lined up ill-at-ease in front of the Principal’s desk. The Principal is speaking. Stand up straight, all of you! You boys have never met one another before but you know you … Continue reading The Crammer College

Making the Grade

  “Look at these grades. I’ve failed psychology.” Randy Caulfield was despondent. He pushed the printed transcript across the table to his friend Seth. The nineteen-year-old student studied the paper carefully, as if a careful examination might change the ‘F’ into a pass. He took a long pull on his iced cola, “What are you … Continue reading Making the Grade

Book. Collection of Spanking Stories

Charles Hamilton II’s Collection of Spanking Stories Here’s another free-to-download book containing a selection of my favourite male-on-male spanking stories. It has some of my earliest writings and some of my most recent. I hope there’s something for every taste from military, judicial, dad-and-son, the vicar, my best friend and many more besides. All characters … Continue reading Book. Collection of Spanking Stories

Bible College

“Each of you take down your jeans and your underwear and bend yourselves across my desk.” Rev. Paisley tapped the wooden paddle into the palm of his hand and watched intently as Jackson and Manning fumbled with belt buckles. Avoiding each other’s’ eyes, the two students slipped the jeans to their thighs. Gravity took the … Continue reading Bible College

The Brocklehurst crammer

Terry, Damien and Harry stood nonchalantly in front of the principal’s desk. The eighteen year olds had never met each other before, but they all had one important thing in common. They had all failed their school A-level exams and their irate fathers were paying a large fee to send them to Brocklehurst College. The … Continue reading The Brocklehurst crammer

Caned at college

It made perfect sense to introduce corporal punishment into Britain’s sixth-form colleges. The cane had been brought back into schools two years earlier and many sixth-formers had been ordered to present their backsides for a traditional six-of-the-best in the time since. Parents and the public generally welcomed the new disciplinary regime. There was talk that … Continue reading Caned at college

Brocklehurst Crammer

“We use corporal punishment. The teachers will use a strap or a slipper if you are late for class or inattentive. For more serious offences, such as poor work, they might use a cane. If you are sent to me for punishment I shall administer the cane across your backside. If you repeat the transgression … Continue reading Brocklehurst Crammer

Changed times 1: A glimpse into the near future

Kenny Hawkins slipped on his new blazer and admired his reflection in the mirror. Pale-grey trousers, gleaming white shirt, striped tie, shiny black shoes. It looked exactly like his old school uniform. But, not quite. Only the badge on the blazer pocket was different. It showed the logo of Global Petroleum, the company that would … Continue reading Changed times 1: A glimpse into the near future

New stories, three times a week

Hi Guys, More new visitors than ever before are visiting this site – welcome to you all. If the newcomers haven’t noticed three new stories are uploaded every week – on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. There are now about 160 stories here and it can be a bit tricky to find your way around at … Continue reading New stories, three times a week