A brush with Uncle Herbert

“Right lad, this is what’s going to happen,” it was Uncle Herbert speaking to me, “You are going to come and stand there,” he snapped his fingers and pointed to a spot just to the right of where he sat, “You are going to take down your trousers and bend across my knee.” My incomprehension … Continue reading A brush with Uncle Herbert

Another adventure at Camp Cottage

See also: Adventure at Camp Cottage -- click here   Julian bounded into the sitting room. The sun was shining brightly. My, the boy thought, what another gay day. The sun has been shining every day since I came to Camp Cottage to spend the summer with my Uncle Dick and Aunt Fanny. “Does the … Continue reading Another adventure at Camp Cottage

Adventure at Camp Cottage

Julian thought Uncle Dick was a queer fellow. He was the most extraordinary looking man, very tall and very dark and with a rather fierce frown on his wide forehead. Julian couldn’t help shivering the very first time he saw him and it wasn’t even a cold day. “Hello Uncle,” he said in his usual … Continue reading Adventure at Camp Cottage