This site started in August 2015 after I had been writing stories for my own amusement for years – and believe me that’s a lot of stories.

So, I started to upload some of them to the MMSA male / male spanking website where you can find me as Charles Hamilton II and also as scholastic. Many of the stories that appear on those sites will not appear here.

I quickly realised that even if I uploaded one story a week to MMSA it would take literally years before they were all online.

So, here we are. Now, I upload three stories a week – Monday, Wednesday and Friday. They cover a wide range of topics from schools, domestic to workplace and places in between. Some are set today, some in the past and others in the future. In all cases the punished are aged 18 or over.

If you are new to the site, please take time to look through the ‘categories’ section to find something you might like.

I hope you enjoy reading my stories. You can let me know what you think by leaving comments that can be read by all visitors to the site, or you can email me at the address below.

Charles Hamilton II is a fictional name. Any resemblance to persons alive or dead is purely coincidental.

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19 thoughts on “About

  1. I get spanked on my bare bottom by my partner’s son often over his knee in front of her it hurts a lot but I sometimes enjoy being spanked by a younger man

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    • Do you always get an erection when he spanks you? Does he pull your underwear down or humiliate you by making you strip naked in front of him and your partner? Do you enjoy kicking bare feet and squirming while he spanks your butt? Do you ever cum just from the spanking? Is the pleasure equal to pain? Thanks for sharing.



      • I always got hard when he spanked me I found it exiting knowing she was watching he always pulled down my pants himself and put me over his knee I didn’t cum then but I did lots of times when I was younger


  2. I should also say her son spanked me lots of times when she was out He also sometimes put his penis in my bottom and I quite enjoyed it


  3. I have just been asked by a lady friend if she can watch her boyfriend take down my pants and spank my bare bottom I’ve been spanked by a man before but he’s much younger than me I said I would do it and he said he’d like to put me over his knee and spank my bare bottom


  4. I as still looking for my first spanking by a guy. I am a senior with a very nice butt. I would enjoy submitting to a man of any age I think, but preffereable mature. He would force me to strip completely and go over his knee for a hand spanking. I really would enjoy it if there were witnesses to add to my humiliation.After warm up with his hands, I would like a hairbrush or small leather strap applied to my bare buttocks…then stood in a corner with a picture window for an hour or so.


  5. The only time I was ever spanked by another man, he wouldn’t voluntarily smack my bare bum with his hand. I’d answered his ad to be spanked, and once we were up in his bedroom, he began getting undressed. When I told him I wasn’t gay, and that all I wanted was to be taken over his lap for a bare bottom spanking, he must’ve figured I wouldn’t be comfortable feeling his hand on my bare bum. Once my underpants were down, he paddled me, but he couldn’t have been more mistaken about bare hand on bare bottom. I’d really been looking forward to that contact, but it threw me when he didn’t do it automatically.


  6. I really enjoy your stories and hope there will be many more. When I was a puny 19 year old an older, very masculine friend introduced me to the pleasures of the cane. Watching me bare my bottom and then thrashing my mounds with a whippy cane certainly gave him pleasure, judging by the big bulge in the front of his trousers. While I hated being deliberately hurt, hours later the stinging pain dwindled into a sensual, extremely pleasurable sensation which completely engulfed my scorched buttocks – a sensation known by some enthusiasts as ‘the afterglow’. Happy days.


  7. I don’t have a spanking partner…just fantasies of a guy spanking me in front of other people ( although I am totally straight ). I do enjoy self spanking with a leather strap or hairbrush…the pain/ pleasure ALWAYS makes me cum in a delightful way…with no other touching. So I know I would have an orgasm being spanked over someone’s knee.

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