Summer at Uncle’s

Summer at Uncles book cover

PETER, AN EIGHTEEN-YEAR-OLD from a small town, stays with Uncle Barnabas in London for the summer. The country boy soon learns the wicked ways of the city as he is introduced into the world of corporal punishment by a cast of characters including his cousin Albert; “out-and-proud” Nickie; and an old-fashioned schoolmaster by the unlikely name of Dr Cains.


A free-to-download book from Charles Hamilton II

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Summer at Uncle’s by Charles Hamilton II



One thought on “Summer at Uncle’s

  1. Hello Again Charles: Sir! You have outdone yourself once again! “Summer at Uncle’s” is for me, your finest composition to date. I was delighted by the way you unraveled the tale, rife with detail, & the mental & physical reactions of all the characters, most notably “Peter”. I found myself aligned with the erotic thoughts of Peter & others has they lusted after the bottoms of other boys, & the lurid thoughts of the implement wielders. How many hundreds, nay,thousands of boys over the years have I covertly observed the ronditure of their young, firm bottoms, longing for the opportunity to apply my hand or other implement of fustigation to that bottom. I have been fortunate to have been able to execute my desires often, owing to the fact that I spent years in Africa & the Far East, where I hired “house boys” , & since I am “Bi” also “housekeepers” , whose female bottoms I reddened as regularly as their male counterparts, culminating my little “bete noire” by burying my manhood in softly yielding feminine flesh or the firm , very red & very warm bottoms & fundaments of my “houseboys”. Those days are gone, but not forgotten. I read the entire story twice, permitting myself the Luxury of several satisfying “wanks” each time. Thank You Charles. Your titillating tales of bum beating & lechery are delightful to us “enthusiasts”
    . I look forward to further episodes of the like that those of us who are addicted to “special interests” reading, so enjoy.

    Cheers!! Brian from the foothills of the Rockies

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