Stepson submits

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Can you picture the situation? A slim eighteen-year-old with a tight bottom is face-down across your knees with his jeans at his ankles. The bottom clothed in tight, dark-blue cotton briefs needs a sound spanking. Jake asks you to pull down the underpants so that the spanking is on the bare bottom. “You are now my stepdad, I have broken so many of your rules surely you are going to punish me in the proper way. I truly deserve a sound spanking,” he says. “Now you are my dad you should deal with me the old fashioned way. A damn good whacking is what I need.”

You hold an old, worn oak paddle. It is about twelve inches long and four wide. It has seen some action in its time, but never before on Jake. You grip him by the waist. He is submissive for now, but you cannot be sure how he will react once your paddle warms up his bared backside. Jake reaches forward and presses the palms of his hands into the carpet. He stares down. You feel his body tense. You tap the paddle against his naked flesh. His bottom is round and pert. The paddle covers about half of the target area.

Yes, Jake is correct, he has broken many of your rules. He has needed this spanking for some time. It is something his own father should have done a long time ago. But that is in the past, there is no point dwelling on that. This is now. You are Jake’s new dad, it is your duty to steer him onto the straight-and-narrow. You are very pleased that the boy has realised this. There is hope for him yet.

You rub the paddle across the fleshiest part of his cheeks. He doesn’t have much padding back there. He is a thin, wiry lad, who spends too much time in the gym. In truth, he is strong and muscular. You could never in a million years force him across your knee for a spanking. If you tried there would be an unseemly fight and Jake would win it hands down.

Instead, he is submissive. “Spank me hard. I deserve it,” he is telling you so you tap the paddle against his bottom, then raise it about ten inches high and smack it down with some force. A dark red patch immediately appears on his creamy-white skin. He sucks in his breath. He felt that. It hurt. But, probably not much. He is a tough eighteen-year-old after all. You raise the paddle again and slap it down lower, into the undercurve. Jake shakes his head to side to side, but he keeps staring down at the stained carpet. His palms still press hard into the floor. He is determined to accept the spanking he so richly deserves.

You land the next swat on the back of his thighs. You are rewarded by a definite “Ouch,” from your misbehaving stepson. His body wriggles. You grab him harder around the waist. He is not trying to escape from your knees, but he is finding it hard going. Maybe, much harder than he thought.

You wallop him for a fourth time. This is going very well. You are deeply satisfied. You have been wanting to do this for months.

Yes, you can picture the situation, but alas I suspect it can only be in your imagination.


Picture Credit: British Boys Fetish Club


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