It is what it is

new story 2

zused solo short shorts pensive Nick Backes

I hear you’re twenty-four-years-old and back living with your parents. How did that happen?

It is what it is. I went away to university like you do and then got a job but the company went belly up and I couldn’t afford my rent. I’ve got a job flipping burgers but you can’t get a place on those wages so I came back home.

How’s it working out?

Ha! Well, Dad still thinks I’m a kid. There are rules. Do this, don’t do that. It’s his house. It is what it is.

I hear he spanks you when you break the rules.

[Blushing, weak laughter]. It’s not like he’s just discovered the slipper. He always disciplined us when we were kids. It is what it is.

You were in trouble this morning. What happened?

Well, a week last Saturday I rolled home high as a kite. Dad assumed I was drunk. If he knew I was smoking dope he’d go mental! He’d probably throw me out the house. He tells me I’m not allowed to come home in that state and gives me a curfew. Tells me if I break it, then it’s a spanking for me.

So what happened?

Well, what good’s a curfew to me. Of course, I was out with the lads chasing lasses. Didn’t get far. This time I was drunk. Six, seven, eight pints of lager, I don’t remember. Came home. Dad caught me. Tells me to get to bed, he’ll deal with me in the morning.

So he spanked you?

Slipper. It’s always the slipper with Dad. He’s got one of those old fashioned plimsolls. You know the white ones they wore in gym class at school back in the day. A Dunlop. Springy rubber sole. Not like those cheap flimsy plastic ones you get at Primark.

And he spanked you? You’re twenty-four.

It is what it is. They’re his rules. He told me what he’d do if I broke curfew.

And what did he do exactly.

Well, he always does it the same way. He’s in charge. There’s no point trying to get out of it.

It is what it is.

Exactly. I’ve no one to blame but myself. His house, his rules. He sits on the bed and I take down my shorts and bend over his knee. I stretch across the mattress with my bum in the air and let him get on with it.

You don’t try to stop him. Don’t you tell him you’re too old to be spanked?

Ha! You must be joking. That’d just encourage him to whack me all the harder. No, it’s best just to submit. Let him get on with it.

Don’t you mind? Isn’t it embarrassing?

It is what it is. Best just to get it over with.

So, what is it? Six of the best; something like that?

Six! I wish. No, he gives me a right tanning. I don’t count the whacks. Never timed it really. Feels like it goes on forever.

Does it hurt?

Well, it would be a waste of time if it didn’t. What would be the point? He slippers me bum all over. Mostly, he goes for the fleshy bit under the cheeks. And on the back of the thighs. That really hurts.

Do you cry?

No. I’m used to it by now. It is what it is. He whacks me till there’s not a bit of flesh that isn’t glowing red hot.

Then he stops. What then?

Stops! I wish. He’s only half way through. Once my bum is scarlet, then he takes down my pants and starts all over again.

On the bare buttocks?

It is what it is. Dad always says it’s not a proper spanking unless it’s on the bare.

Wow! I wouldn’t want to show my Dad my arse like that.

It is what it is. There’s nothing he hasn’t seen before.

But, by now you must be on fire.

Well it’s scorching. Well sore. And it’s worse because he’s whacking me on places that he’s already hit so the pain just builds up. You could fry an egg back there by the time he stops.

I bet. Can you sit down after?

The pain is awesome. Real agony. But once he stops walloping it dies down pretty quickly. It turns to an ache and then quickly its gone. Unless you press against it, so yes, sitting down can be a bit awkward. Especially on the back of the thighs.

What about bruises?

That’s the worst of it. The image of the slipper is imprinted on my bum. Over and over again. It looks all the colours of the rainbow. Here [drops his shorts and pants and juts out his bare bum] see what I mean.

Blimey! But, don’t you resent it. A spanking. From your Dad. You’re twenty-four.

No mate. It’s life. It is what it is.

Picture credit: Nick Backes


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