Coffee morning

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“Welcome, Christine, how are you?,” Madge Axford opened the front door wider allowing her neighbour into the house. “So glad you could come at short notice.” She beamed and turned towards the back room. Christine Blanderford stopped in her tracks, her face flushed, her hand raised automatically to cover it. “Oh my,” she gasped.

Madge smiled, “Yes, he’s why I called you all together,” she said primly. Christine stared, mouth gaping, through the open door to the lounge. She knew she was blushing (probably profusely) but she couldn’t divert her attention away. Facing the window by the corner, his hands firmly placed on his head, was Christine’s 22-year-old son Michael. His trousers and underpants were at his knees; his t-shirt was ridden up his back. His bare bottom glowed red. “What a big round bottom,” Christine kept her thoughts to herself. “And, so soundly spanked!”

They bustled into the back room, Christine somewhat reluctantly. “I’ve got the kettle on, but let’s wait for the others to arrive before we have tea,” Madge pointed to a chair, “Please, sit down.”

Christine spluttered, “Is it because of …?” she couldn’t quite frame her question. Madge was unabashed. “Yes, I assume all the world and his wife knows about it?” she said mildly.

“Well, I read about it in the Brocklehurst Bugle.”

Madge nodded vigorously. “Yes, that’s the first we knew too. He didn’t warn us,” she shook her head, determined not to be defeated by her son. “In court. For drunkenness and using insulting words. Of course, the moment we saw it Norm was on the phone, ordering him back home. We are not putting up with that kind of behaviour.” She sighed deeply, “He got here this morning.”

Christine nodded with approval. She had no children of her own and believed that young people were a menace to society. She blamed the parents. No discipline. Well, it seemed that didn’t apply to Madge Axford.

“So …?” Christine said, anxious to hear the details.

“I think you can see the answer to that,” she nodded in the vague direction of the front room. “Norm was having none of it. It’s a public disgrace of course. I said we would never be able to hold our heads up again in The Avenue. Well, he said, we should let people know we won’t stand for this behaviour from Michael.”

Christine nodded sagely. “So,” she said again, to encourage Madge in her tale.

“Well,” she said eager to share the experience. “Norm tears him off a right strip. ‘No son of mine can behave like this,’ he tells him.” Her face flushed, her admiration for her husband knew no bounds. “So it had to be a spanking, didn’t it?”

“Oh,” Christine felt her own face redden. She remembered Michael’s meaty buttocks on public display in the next room.

“I have this very old hairbrush. It’s made of ebony or some such. Really heavy. The head is about this size.”  She steepled her fingers and made a large oval shape with her hands. “Very effective in the spanking department, if you get my meaning.”

Christine’s throat was suddenly dry. She hoped tea would be served soon. Madge continued. “Norm is the head of this family. He says to Michael he might not live at home any more but he still comes under Norm’s jurisdiction. His rules, you know?”

Christine leaned forward in her chair. Madge continued, “Norm says, ‘It’s a spanking for you my lad. One that you won’t forget in a hurry. I’ll make sure of that.’ Next thing I see Norm has one of the dining room chairs in the middle of the room and he sits down and says to Michael. ‘Trousers and pants down. Right down. To the ankles,’ he says. Michael just stares at him, his mouth gaping like a goldfish. But Norm waves the brush about and tells him to get on with it. So down they come. Quick as you like.”

Christine’s imagination raced. She had witnessed the young man naked from the rear, what was he like from the front? Her thoughts were interrupted by Madge, “So he goes over Norm’s knee, just like a naughty little boy. Michael’s quite a size and you know Norm’s really a bit small, but that didn’t matter. He just put his head down to the carpet, raised his behind high and so Norm could spank his bare little bottom. Well,” Madge gabbled in her over-excitement, “he fair pounded him. He was right, he won’t forget it in a hurry.”

She stopped for breath. Christine was a little short of wind too. The vision of Michael (whose bottom was far from little as his mother described it) over his father’s knee being soundly spanked with a heavy ebony hairbrush would stay with her for a long time. “Where’s Norm now?” she said to break the growing silence.

“He told Michael there’d be one spanking for the drunkenness and another for the swearing. He’s gone to Harris’s in the High Street to buy a cane. You know the whippy ones with the curved handle they use in schools. They’ve become quite in demand now they’ve changed all those laws. Seems like everyone’s buying them,” Madge said.

Christine nodded, she had heard that. Even young adults were getting their backsides tanned. Good job too, she thought.

“I’ve invited a few of the gang from the Conservative Women’s Alliance over,” Madge looked at her watch, “they should be here any moment. Norm said we shouldn’t hide away. He wanted people to know how angry we are with Michael and we won’t let him get away with such behaviour. He’s going to give him a right good caning and you’re all invited to witness it.”

The doorbell rang and Madge shuffled through the passageway to answer it, leaving a very flushed neighbour spluttering into her handkerchief.


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