Don’t borrow Dad’s car – encore


Joe smashed his way through the front door, leaving it swinging on its hinges. His fury was real. Just wait until he got hold of his kid brother.

“Al! Al!” I know you’re in here!” He raced through the hallway and took the stairs two at a time. “Where are you! Come out where I can see you!” Al’s bedroom door was wide open. It looked like a tornado had hit. Clothes, shoes, magazines everywhere. But his kid brother wasn’t there.

Then, Al heard the tell-tale tinkling of water. The bathroom. Joe put his shoulder to the door. It wasn’t necessary. It was unlocked. But Joe was a Marine and Marines never did things quietly.

His brother grinned. Totally naked. Wearing nothing. He let his balls swing as he worked a towel across his shoulders.

“What are you doing in the shower? In the afternoon?”

Al flashed him an inane grin. He loved winding his brother up.

“I’m hot and sticky,” he grinned again. Trying to make like he was telling a dirty joke. “I needed a rub down.”

Joe was no great intellectual. Al despised him for it. Thought he was as thick as shit. That’s why he was never able to get a proper job. The Marines would take anyone as long as they had brawn, Al reckoned. Muscle was what counted. Brains weren’t much use to a Marine.

Al had just graduated with honors from college. If he could get his Dad to pay, he was going to grad school. His future would be assured. Secure. Not, like his dumb-ass brother.

Joe frowned.

“I’ve just come in. There’s a heatwave going on. It’s humid as hell,” Al spoke softly. Slowly. As if he were talking to an imbecile.

Joe wasn’t that thick. He knew when someone was disrespecting him. He reached out and grabbed his kid brother by the arm.

“Hey gerrooff!” Joe struggled.

“You’ve been out in Dad’s car.” It was a statement, not a question.

Al flushed. A not-too-distant memory overtook him. He knew where this conversation was going.

“So, what if I have? What’s it to you?” Al pulled himself free from his brother’s grip.

“What happened last time you took the car?” Joe glared.

“Fuck off!” Al knew exactly what Joe meant. “What’s it matter to you? Dad will never find out.”

“That’s not the point. He put me in charge. He said we weren’t to use his car. It’s not insured for us to drive.”

Al continued towelling over his gym-honed body. He was especially proud of his pecs. He was lost for words, but the supercilious smirk on his face spoke volumes.

Joe snapped. “You need another spanking. You know that.”

He reached over to a bath brush hanging by the shower. He had used it to toast Al’s buttocks before. The last time he drove off in Dad’s car. Three years previously. The brat had promised faithfully he wouldn’t do it again. But, didn’t all freshly spanked kids say that? They probably meant it too. At the time.

Joe waved the brush in his brother’s face. “I should take you into your bedroom and put this across your naked ass.”

Al blinked. Was this really happening to him? He remembered an old video he had watched on-line. A Marine came home on leave and heard his kid brother had been giving their mom a hard time. So, the Marine takes own the boy’s pants and underwear and pushes him face-down on the bed. Then, he hammers a heavy wooden paddle into the boy’s naked cheeks. If Joe did that, would it be life imitating art? Al wondered.

“OK, Buster! March!” Joe pushed Al toward the bathroom door.

“Fuck off.” He struggled, it was true Al spent a lot of time in the gym, but his brother was a trained fighter. In a straight tussle, Joe would win every time. The towel slipped to the floor. Al was naked as his brother pulled him along into the bedroom.

For a moment, they stood silent. Unsure what to do next.

“You should assume the position,” Joe gripped the long, heavy bath brush in his fist.

Suddenly aware of his nakedness, Al clasped his hands in front of his balls. He was hot and sticky. It was a terribly humid afternoon. The room was airless. It was difficult to breathe.

“No way. No,” Al knew tears were forming behind his eyes. “I’m sorry.”

Joe’s face split in a smile. “No you’re not. That’s what you said last time I spanked you. You jumped up and down with your dick flopping and said ‘Wah! Wah! I’ll never do it again.’” He was enjoying his brother’s embarrassment.

“So buster. What’s it to be? You know if I tell Dad, he’ll whip your ass with a switch until blood runs down your legs.” He grinned. “Then, he’ll do it some more when I tell him you took his car twice.”

Al looked daggers. How he hated his imbecile brother. The thick shit was enjoying this way too much.

“And, you can kiss goodbye to grad school. Dad’ll never pay when he finds out.”

Suddenly bile shot into the back of Al’s throat. He swallowed it down. His heart raced. Why hadn’t he thought of that. Joe was right. He looked across at his unmade bed. “Assume the position,” Joe had said. What did that mean exactly?

“Here,” sensing victory, Joe grabbed two pillows and set them down one on top of the other in the centre of the narrow bed. He nodded at them. “Lay face down. With your ass raised.”

Al’s eyes blazed. “And, you promise you won’t tell Dad?”

Joe stared back, puzzled. This was a sudden turn of events. His kid brother wasn’t so full of himself now.

“Just get on with it,” he waved the bath brush menacingly at the pillows. Al took a deep breath. Held it for some seconds, as if he were psyching himself up for a terrible ordeal. Then, he took two steps across the room, hesitated at the foot of the bed and then carefully lowered himself forward. His weight pressed into the two feather-filled pillows. His buttocks were hardly raised at all.

Joe ran his tongue around his lips. They felt cracked. He had no saliva in his mouth. He wished he could go to the kitchen for some iced lemonade. He knew he couldn’t do that. There was some drama taking place here. A refreshment break would kill the atmosphere stone dead.

It had been some time since he had seen his brother naked. Joe was used to seeing guys without their clothes on. He was a Marine, after all. But, it seemed wrong somehow, to see someone he was so close to naked. It was just too darned intimate.

His kid brother lay face down. He reached ahead of him and gripped the top edge of the mattress. His face was so close to the bedsheet he tasted cotton in his mouth. The muscles in his back rippled. His legs were well-defined. His buttocks were solid. There wasn’t enough fat there to cook a sausage.

Joe saw a tuft of blond hair in his brother’s crack. He swiftly averted his eyes. He was looking up his brother’s hole. What kind of guy did that make him? That was a place he didn’t want to go.

Al closed his eyes tight, took another deep breath and clenched his buttocks tight.

“Relax buddy. Relax.” Joe was soothing. As if his kid brother had just had a scare and needed succour. Then, he leaned forward, knelt his left knee on the bed and pushed his arm into the small of Al’s back. Raised the brush as high as it would go. Brought a crashing swipe down at full force across the centre of both cheeks. A raw stripe spread instantly. Al tried to haul his body off the bed. He couldn’t. His brother’s strength was too great for him.

The brush rose and crashed. Once. Twice. And, then once more. The muscular ass was on fire. Already, every square inch of flesh blazed. Al expelled wind at speed through pursed lips. He wheezed like a steam engine settling down. Once more, vomit filled the back of his throat.

Joe paused. He was admiring his handiwork. Then, he was ready to start over. He was quickly into a stride. One, two, three, the next strokes whistled down, right on target, across the centre of his brother’s buttocks. He was almost delirious.

Al chewed at the bedsheet as further swipes of the brush burned into his cheeks. Joe laid it into his brother with gusto, tanning stripe after fiery stripe across his bare butt cheeks until they glowed scarlet.

This beating was greater agony than the spanking Al had gotten last time.

Then, through his tears and pain, Al realized that it was over. His brother stood leaving Al gasping. The bitter taste of vomit choked him. Part of him wanted to jump up and run screaming from the room; back to the shower where cold water wash against his torn, burnt flesh. But, he couldn’t make himself move. The agony in his rear end was overwhelming, even now that the blows had ended.

“Ok. That’s it. It’s over.” Joe said. Unsure what to do next, he slouched from the room, leaving Al to sob and wheeze.

Slowly, Al rolled off the bed and stood. His ass was ablaze; he had never experienced such agony. From his standing position, he could see the reflection of his naked in the mirror. His torso was drenched in sweat. Both cheeks and the top of his thighs were crimson and the outline of the brush were all over the outer edges of his buttocks.

He didn’t try to dress. Instead, he carefully lowered himself face down on the bed and waited for the suffering to ease.


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