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Hi Guys,

 We have just welcomed our 250,000th viewer to this spanking stories site and more new readers are joining us all the time. Thank you all and I hope you are enjoying what you find here. There are getting on for 250 stories here now.

 Just for fun, I have put together selections of the stories into e-books. You can download them as PDF files free-of-charge. They can be read on lap tops, computers and a wide range of e-book readers.

 There are ten uploaded so far. Click on the titles below to find more details of each one.

 Also, look out for a brand-new book of compilations of stories. Seasonal Spanking Stories, a collection of Christmas-themed tales, many not published before, will be available for download free-of-charge on Friday 16 December 2016.



Summer at Uncle’s

 Peter, an eighteen-year-old from a small town, stays with Uncle Barnabas in London for the summer. The country boy soon learns the wicked ways of the city as he is introduced into the world of corporal punishment by a cast of characters including his cousin Albert; “out-and-proud” Nickie; and an old-fashioned schoolmaster by the unlikely name of Dr Cains.

The Private Tutor

What can fathers do when their sons fail their school exams because they spend too much time out with girlfriends, clubbing and playing in a rock band? Call for The Private Tutor. Using traditional educational approaches, he will soon lick them into shape.

Paul and His Landlord

 Young men who are away from the parental home, often for the first time, are apt to stray from the straight and narrow. How lucky that responsible adults in the shape of landlords are on hand to show them the error of their ways, even if it means delivering sound spankings and other corporal punishment.

All in the Family. Tales of Domestic discipline

“What that boy needs is a damn good spanking.” It was a policeman speaking about my drunken nephew. He was right, of course. But the police can’t use corporal punishment. So, it is up to the family to instil discipline. These tales demonstrate that up and down the land fathers, uncles, granddad’s – and even older brothers – don’t shirk their duty.

The Junior Salesman

 It seems no misbehaving young man is immune from corporal punishment. Even on the job. The Junior Salesman and Other Workplace Whackings demonstrate the truth of this. Don’t get caught slacking, or with your hand in the till. You have been warned.


 The Boy in the Scarlet Blazer

Timothy Hutchins is a young man with a wicked spanking fetish. There is little he can do about it until Billy, the boss of the burger bar where he works, takes him under his wing. Or more truthfully, across his knee.


 The Dean of Dorm Discipline

 The Dean of Dormitory Discipline regularly beat misbehaving students and there was never a weekend when his paddle did not fly through the air. This gave them ample opportunity to swap stories about their spankings and their bruises became badges of honour when displayed in the communal showers.


Troublesome Teens. Never too Old for a Spanking

They might think they are adults, but older teens are not. They are still children and they need to act like it. They should respect their parents and obey adults. Without question. And if they don’t? These stories will remind them of the consequences of bad behaviour. A very sore backside indeed.


Tales from The Study 1: St. FIGS

 St FIGS is a traditional school – traditional curriculum; traditional sports; traditional uniform and traditional discipline. We meet John Allison, eighteen years old and a new boy at school, as he discovers just what that means.


Tales from the Study 2. Six of the Best School Stories

 The swish of the rattan and the crack of the paddle resound. Pyjama bottoms are lowered. Men of all ages present their bottoms for chastisement. A prefect shows a new boy at school who is boss and we get an insight into the life of the author Charles Hamilton II.





Charles Hamilton the Second


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