The Colonel and Tyler

WARNING: This  tale that is a little darker than the ones I usually tell – Charles


Tyler lay face down on the bed: stark naked. His bottom was raised by two pillows, pressed against his balls and he buried his face into the duvet and kept his arms, as instructed, stretched above his shoulders with his fingertips pointing at the headboard.

His body ached, not from a whipping, because that was yet to start. The pain was caused by the copious amounts of alcohol topped off with street drugs he had devoured the night before (or was it earlier that morning? He had no idea of the time and only the merest recollection of the place he was at). His tongue was glued to the roof of his mouth and he was certain sweat oozed from every pore.

He felt a slight tap of a swishy rod against his upturned buttocks: the Colonel was about to start.

The Colonel brushed the thin whippy cane across Tyler’s cheeks. The boy was very thin; unnaturally so. He had once been fit, both in the athletic sense and in the sexy way. Now, the Colonel supposed, the thinness was caused by under nourishment: drugs had a way of killing the appetite.

Nevertheless, the Colonel desired the hairless body before him. Tyler was naturally fair skinned had recently been shaved top to toe. The Colonel looked forward to creating distinctive mark on that flesh. But he was in no hurry: for now he owned Tyler.

The Colonel continued with his slow preparation. The cane in his hand was hardly two feet long. Some people would call it a nursery cane: if it had ever been used in the Real World, it would probably have been found swishing down into the outstretched hand of an eight-year-old miscreant. Or in days long gone, maybe a Nanny would use it to smack the bare bum of a particularly tiresome young gentleman as she held him face down across her lap.

The Colonel had a vast collection of canes. Today, he had two of his favourites laid out in readiness. His plan had been well thought out. No script had been written but he knew exactly how this was going to play out.

Tyler moaned softly when the Colonel brushed the cane once more across his cheeks, raised it no more than three inches and with the merest flick of the wrist smacked it into his bum.

This was what the Colonel liked to call “preparation”. He was delivering the entrée, before the main course began. Smack, smack, smack, the Colonel reddened Tyler’s buttocks; he was marking nicely, for this was indeed a rather wonderful cane.

The boy gasped as each successive swish travelled the length of his buttocks, but he kept perfectly still, allowing the Colonel to go through his paces. The rattan bounced into Tyler’s backside for the hundredth time before the Colonel paused for breath.

Tyler’s blood pressure was rising, but that was probably due the punishment he had inflicted on his own body earlier, rather than the caning he was undergoing now. Phlegm was rising in his throat and he worried he might sick up into the duvet.

The Colonel put down his cane on the bed beside Tyler. Without speaking, he walked across the room to the dressing table, opened a drawer and thrust his hand inside, extracting two neck ties. He turned and faced Tyler, admiring from this distance his own handiwork. The boy’s bum was raw with distinctive marks from his caning, and the Colonel knew from experience the lad would be in some pain. Some times by this point a boy would be sobbing gently into the mattress, but Tyler was made of sterner stuff, he was stoical and it took a lot before he would express his pain.

The Colonel was unperturbed. When round two was underway the boy would be hollering fit to wake the neighbours.

Tyler’s breathing was shallow and he really did not feel too well. He hardly noticed when the Colonel took first his right wrist and then his left and tied them securely to the bed post.

The Colonel’s own breathing was quickening a pace as he picked up his second cane: where the first had been benign, this was vicious: three feet six inches long and as thick as a man’s thumb, but with a suppleness to satisfy any disciplinarian. Whereas the first cane might be used with gentleness on a small child, this rod was meant to deliver a vicious thrashing to the most hardened juvenile delinquent or adult criminal.

In his feverish state Tyler would not see what was coming, but he would surely feel it. The Colonel repeated his brushing of the buttocks, gently rubbing the new cane over the boy’s mounds. Then without warning, it was raised high, flashed down, bit deep, lingered, and was removed, leaving a long, thick swelling welt.

There is a stunned moment of silence, followed by a long, loud, and anguished wail from Tyler. Restrained as he was, he could do little but bounce his bottom up and down as if he was having sex with the pillows beneath him. Once he had settled again, the Colonel lay on number two, which produced a deep throated roar, and then a third, which caused a piercing scream.

Bile was spilling from Tyler’s mouth, and pausing only for a second to make sure he was not actually choking to death, the Colonel raised and thrashed down the cane with his fullest force three more times. Tyler’s screams were subdued by a mouthful of vomit and he heaved hopelessly at the restraints on his wrists. Blood was seeping from six deep cuts across his buttocks.

Up and down came the cane another three times. Tyler’s whole body juddered with agony, his face was a deep scarlet and his bum cheeks a dark bloodied red.

From somewhere close by the Colonel could hear a door open; someone from a neighbouring bed sitting room must have heard the screams and was on the way to investigate.

Hurriedly the Colonel searched the room with his eyes; ah that would do nicely. Abandoned close by was a pair of his underpants, put aside for the weekly trip to the laundry. He scooped to the floor, grabbed them, balled them up and stuffed them into Tyler’s mouth. Then, believing he had only seconds before his pleasure would be interrupted by the neighbour, he thrashed down another six cuts into poor Tyler.

As predicted fists hammered against the door and a man’s angry voice could be heard. Too late; the Colonel was beyond control, sweat poured from his back as he let fly with another half dozen slices. Tyler cries turned to splutterings as in vain he tried to spit out the underpants. His mouth was full of vomit and he couldn’t breathe. The hammering at the door got louder and more frenzied.

The Colonel sent two more cuts crashing into Tyler; the pain seared through him; his body convulsed and he went limp.

“That’s it! I’m calling the police!” and the hammering stopped.

The Colonel stood cane in hand, staring at Tyler’s lifeless body.


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Charles Hamilton the Second

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