Bend over. Touch your toes

Mickey Reilly stared down at the toecaps of his shoes. His fingers stretched to touch the scuff marks. He had been instructed, “Bend over. Touch your toes.” It wasn’t as easy as it sounded. It put a terrible strain on your calf muscles.

Reilly knew how to do it. He had been in this position before. Probably would be again. Spread the feet a little. That was the answer. Keep the head low and the bottom high.

Michael Reilly, aged 18, member of the Upper Sixth. He had never been made a prefect. Definitely wasn’t prefect material. In the headmaster’s study. Again. Waiting patiently for six-of-the-best.


A new, previously unpublished story by Charles Hamilton II. Now available on Cane me, Spank me, The Canery website here


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Charles Hamilton the Second

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