COMING SOON: More adventures of The Spanking Vicar

Tommy, naked except for a pair of green briefs, cowered away in fear. He had seen Rev Crick in foul moods before, but he had never witnessed anything like this. His fear turned to terror when Crick grabbed him by the hair and hauled him out of bed.

Within seconds they were out the door and Crick was dragging Tommy to the stairs. They both almost tumbled down them as Crick in his rage pulled the boy by the hair along behind him. Alerted by the commotion, the other lads rushed from the dining room in time to see Rev Crick open his study door and push Tommy through.

Tommy stood shivering in his underpants: shaking mostly from terror, rather than the cold. He watched in dread as Crick fetched a thin whippy cane from his special cupboard.


Rev Crick, the Spanking Vicar of Aston Budleigh, a quaint English village, is back on his rounds. He rules his three paying guests at the vicarage with a rod of rattan.


Starting on Monday 25 April and continuing for the following five Mondays. Rev Crick dominates his village. Nobody is safe; not sixth-form schoolboys, scout leaders, or the village cricket team …


Previous episodes of The Spanking Vicar.

Episode 1: the new tenant

Episode 2: the reckoning

Episode 3: the house call

Episode 4: the missed curfew

Episode 5: reefer madness

Episode 6: the village fete


Charles Hamilton the Second

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