COMING SOON: Max of The ‘Champion’

PC Snodgrass nearly had a heart seizure at the sight of the teenager’s pert bottom inside the smooth cotton of his briefs. The legs and the thighs were the best he had ever seen. The policeman would remember this spanking for a long time to come.

He tugged at Max’s pants and directed them to the boy’s feet.

“Now come here,” he took Max by the arm and guided him across his knees. Max made no attempt to resist and placed the palms of his hands squarely on the carpet in front of himself. He had never been spanked before, nor had he seen anyone spanked and he wasn’t sure what he was supposed to do, so re-enacting his dream, he held his bottom as high as he comfortably could and waited for the hairbrush to strike.


Meet Max, a nineteen-year-old junior reporter on The Champion newspaper. One day he sets out to expose a rural policeman who has been perverting the course of justice by spanking young men. How does he do it? He poses as a criminal and soon ends up over PC Snodgrass’s knee.

The adventure doesn’t end there. Young Max discovers he rather likes having his backside beaten.

Max of the Champion starts on Monday 28 March 2016 and continues on Wednesday 30 March and concludes on Friday 1 April.


The headmaster ran the cane several times over Max’s drum-tight buttocks; finding his aim. Max gasped and screwed his eyes tight. He shuddered when he felt for the first time in his life the sensation of the cane being placed lightly across the seat of his underpants. Why couldn’t Draper just get on with it? He could feel his cock swelling. He wriggled his body a little to press his penis into the soft leather.

“Keep still boy. Head low. Legs straight.”

Max settled. Then, swoosh! the cane landed across the very centre of both buttocks. It was a terrific cut, slicing both cheeks equally. The boy gasped; all the wind seemed to be knocked out of him.


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