COMING SOON: The Spanking Vicar of Aston Budleigh

Meet Rev Crick, the Spanking Vicar of Aston Budleigh; a quaint English village. He rules his three paying guests at the vicarage with a rod of rattan. The university students must be on their best behaviour at all times. Or else.

No misbehaving young man is safe from the clergyman as he watches over the village. Thieving sixth-form schoolboys, an irresponsible boy scout and brattish teenagers all feel the sting of the vicar’s cane, belt and taws.

A major new series of stories starts on Monday 1 February 2016 and continues through the week.

Episode 1. Meet Craig, the vicar’s new nineteen-year-old paying guest. Craig’s mother has deposited her son with him and given strict instructions for Rev Crick to whip the lazy teenager into shape.

Episode 2. The Reverend’s lodgers face the weekly ‘reckoning’ where they pay for their bad behaviour with very sore backsides indeed.

Episode 3. Rev Crick leaves his vicarage to pay a house call on the bratty son of his cleaning lady. The arrogant sixth-form pupil is soon across the vicar’s knee for a buttock-blistering meeting with a brush.

Starts Monday 1 February and continues Wednesday 3 and Friday 5 February 2016. Further episodes will appear throughout 2016.


Rev Crick watched emotionlessly as Craig settled himself down. The height of the couch meant the boy had to stretch his legs which in turn tightened the muscles in his buttocks. The boy wore dark grey trousers with a subtle blue check. They were part of a tailor-made suit and fitted him to perfection. The vicar who had considerable experience beating buttocks believed it to be the best presented backside he had seen for some time.

Craig’s breathing was a little laboured and his buttock cheeks trembled in anticipation of the first stroke. The cane had looked fearsome and the teenager had no doubt it would soon inflict searing pain upon him.

Rev Crick took up position to the boy’s left side, took a moment to find his aim and then took a powerful swipe. It was as if he were beating a carpet. There was no dust on Craig’s backside to rise, but a distinct line appeared across the very centre of his bum where the cane had struck home.

– Extract from episode 1



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