Six of the best caning stories – super holiday special!

cane (6)

Hi Guys,


Here’s a special treat for all you all like the swish! and the crack! of rattan. Six of the best caning stories. All of them never before published.

There’s something for every taste.

  1. Two sixth-formers learn that school rules also apply to them.
  2. Arthur Braithwaite cuts classes at college again. Dad deals with him in the traditional way. And Arthur’s best pal gets to watch.
  3. Its 1908 and Col Thompson returns from India to find that eighteen-year-old George has been running completely wild. But can he break the boy’s will?
  4. It was a big disadvantage if the landlord of your apartment was also a headmaster at a local school, as Dick and his pal Sam were to discover.
  5. A very dark story about what happened to the purchasing assistant after he failed his monthly performance review.
  6. A twenty-seven-year-old lawyer returns to his hometown only to discover there is unfinished business at his old school.


These new and exclusive stories will be published throughout the Christmas and New Year holidays.

Look out for the first story on Friday 25 December 2015 and then every Monday, Wednesday and Friday until 6 January 2016.

Happy Holidays!


Charles Hamilton II

Caning stories already uploaded that you might like. Click on story title


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My belligerent nephew

The expenses fiddle

Footballer’s judicial caning

Never too old

Murph in the headmaster’s study

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