A new story every other weekday

Hi Guys

I recently posted my 50th story on this site, so I thought I’d use that as an opportunity to say a big “Thank You” to all of you for reading them.

I’ve been writing stories for years, but it was only in June 2015 that I plucked up the courage to post one to the MMSA story archive. It was well-received so I posted another. I soon realised that even if I posted one story a week it would take several years to upload them all.

So, I started the Male on Male Spanking Stories blogsite. From now on I’ll be putting up a new story every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. The stories cover many topics; including domestic situations (dads, uncles, grandpas), school, university / college, the workplace, vicars / preachers, the occasional judicial beating and pals and partners doing it for fun.

Some of them take place in the past, others in the present day and one or two in the near future.

If you are new to this site, please take time to look through the archives or search through the ‘categories’ and ‘tags’ to find stories you may have missed.

If you like the stories please come back and visit regularly and tell your friends.

I also write stories on the MMSA site (here) under two names: Charles Hamilton II and Scholastic. They include stories that will not appear on this WordPress site.

Thanks for reading and I hope to will come back here soon.

Charles Hamilton the Second

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